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ג'ון מקיין arrow Jerusalem Stone
Jerusalem Stone - the story behind

Even if you have not been to Jerusalem, you must have certainly heard about the history behind the place. Being birth place of Lord Jesus, this place has high religious significance to many people all over the world. Structures and buildings at Jerusalem indicate this rich and varied past history. Over the years, people of different cultures have settled in the region, the birthplace of the Holy One and the origin of Christianity. History behind this place has always attracted a lot of visitors from different parts of the world, as is the Jerusalem stone making it to rave reviews on the décor front!

A stone (like limestone, which we provide in addition to our limstone and jerusalem stones) that has brought joy to many homes:
The Jerusalem stone is found in abundance in the City of the Holy One and the religious significance is the main reason why it is extensively used in constructing buildings and different structures in this city. Many people have brought the joy of this stone into their homes by using it extensively in modern décor around the house – in the living room and kitchen construction work. Those visiting Jerusalem never fail to bring home a few decorative pieces and gift items carved out of the stone, not only for themselves but for near and dear ones and friends as well.

Jerusalem stone was earlier quarried from different places all over Jerusalem and its nearby areas. Many areas near the surrounding sea have huge range of different types of the stone. It was available in abundance, as it is today, and has since made its way around the world. Today, it is affordable to buy the stone and the symbolism behind it and bring home a piece of Jerusalem - the Holy Land!

Jerusakem Gardens supply Jerusalem stone for Synagogue , Churches and more.

You are welcome to see our Synagogue programs .

Religious significance:
People from all over the world are using this stone for many projects at home and commercial applications. Homes look more elegant as the color of the Jerusalem stone helps in enhancing overall look, being available in the most fascinating hues of pink and gold. As far as kitchen work is concerned, it is used for making shelves as well as countertops. In many homes this stone is used to make the flooring too, which improves the aesthetic value of homes. Value of your home certainly increases with extensive use of this stone.
The stone gives the home an age and history. Although there are many different stones and materials available for construction purposes, the Jerusalem stone continues to reign supreme as one with religious significance.